Once you’ve decided to build a website, an important question pop up in the open: should you buy a template or have a fully customized web design? The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer! It really depends on your business’ needs and budget. Time is also another factor that can influence your decision. Both have pros and cons, and this article will help you weigh them.

The easiest route to a website is to use templates from WordPress, Squarespace and other template providers. These websites provide a lot of options that you can purchase. Because a template is already almost done and ready to use, the development cycle is cut down as compared to having a fully customized website. This also the cheaper option among the two, allowing businesses with a lower budget to still pursue having their own website. There’s also no need to be a coding whiz. A lot of website template providers offer drag-and-drop design options.
However, since website templates are easily available online, it’s possible that someone else will use the template you choose. The worst-case scenario is having the same template with a competitor. These designs are also not made with SEO in mind, so you’ll have to work harder to rank in search engines. There’s also that challenge of choosing a great and unique design that, at the same time, fits your photo and content requirements. Optimization and customization are very limited. There’s also a possibility for the template to not work in all devices or operating systems. If you want an e-commerce site, that cuts down the options available to you by a fraction. Lastly, there won’t be much support coming from the designer once you bought the template. What you see is what you get.

The biggest perk of having your website designed for your business is the competitive advantage it gives you. No one will have the same website as yours, and your brand will have the opportunity to stand out in the chaotic world wide web. Custom websites are also more search engine friendly. This means it has a higher chance of ranking in searches.
A custom website has the capability to grow with your business. If you offer new products, it will be possible to add them seamlessly into the site. You can incorporate a blog if you’re an authority in your industry or a testimonials page especially if word-of-mouth is important in your field of work. Additionally, the advantage of a content management system (CMS) makes it easier for the company to keep the website updated from anywhere.
While all these are true, remember that having a custom website will be costly as compared to buying a template. It will also take more time to design a site from scratch, and project delays can be expected.
At the end of the day, choosing whether to buy a template or to have a website custom designed depends on your situation. If you have limited budget, then go for a template. If you feel like there’s not a template that would match your brand exactly, then it’s time to find a good website designer.