If we survey the country today, almost everyone has access to at least one social media platform. That’s why it’s only natural that Facebook, Instagram and other channels have become avenues for businesses to reach their market. Both big and small companies utilize online marketing as a way to sell their products and services.

Although Social Media Marketing may feel like a stroll in the park, there are practices and trends that a good social media marketing strategy must have and apply to work. By doing so, not only will it push your brand further into digital opportunities but it can also help you get to know your target audience better, thus helping you create and implement a more effective business plan. 

The first step of any good plan is understanding who you’re making it for and why you’re doing it. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving but one thing we know for sure is that users nowadays want to feel involved with your brand. It makes them feel like they are part of something bigger when they are able to relate with the brand and millions of other users all around the world. According to a Search Engine Optimization Analyst, Ms. Roma Kapadiya, being involved in something bigger than what users see on their screens is one of the reasons why they go on social media. This means that even if your brand has a huge following on a Page you created 5 years ago but you don’t utilize the platform, you won’t be able to see positive results. As a business owner, it’s important to keep up with the marketing trends to create effective and fruitful results. 

Based on the current time we have, here are 3 reasons why your business should definitely have Social Media Marketing now more than ever: 


  • Contactless Transactions Are Highly Preferred


Contactless transactions are an easy way for businesses to transact. Not only is it convenient, it’s much safer too than enabling cash on delivery for sellers. Cashless payment gateways are readily available as well as delivery services. The crucial part is the ordering system. This is where social media plays a large role. Through different channels such as Facebook, Instagram or your own website, order placements can be made.

Goolai Salads, a client of Think Sumo, has utilized these platforms in order to increase their sales. Through an e-commerce website and setting up of social media profiles, ads and courier partners, Goolai Salads sales have increased by 200% in just one month. 


  • Almost Everyone Are Inside Their Homes and Are Looking At Their Phone Screens


People love sharing and showing their different activities throughout the day and viewing other’s activities as well. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram Stories are widely used during these times. A freelance journalist, Michael Doyle, described his reaction as “horrified” when he received his latest screen time weekly report. The report has shown a 33% increase in his phone usage which is equivalent to more than 4 hours each day. This should be seen as a great opportunity for businesses. More screen time could be equated to more pairs of eyes that can see their brand and what they are offering. As a business owner, you can utilize social media platforms through ad placements. 


  • Everyone Wants to Stay Informed


While TV and radio remain to be available platforms, news and relevant updates are much easier and faster consumed on social media. People want to stay informed about the current events, which establishments are open, updated store hours, and other information that they might be needing. Constantly posting on social media concerning business hours and available services are highly recommended to remind your followers that the business can still cater their needs. 

Think Sumo’s Social Media platforms are currently revolving around how the Sumo Team is coping during the pandemic and how it has affected the office hours. Not only is it good PR (Public Relations), but it also informs clients that schedules may need to be stretched. 

While everyone is starting to go digital, it’s best to start your business’ social media marketing leap as soon as possible. At Think Sumo, we provide the best possible strategies that will work with your brand. Consult with us today and together, we will help your business thrive in the social media world.