When Heraclitus said that the only thing constant in this world is change, he definitely nailed it. Even in just these past months, there are already huge differences in digital patterns of different users worldwide. E-commerce sites and online businesses have taken the rise and a demand for better and user-friendly interfaces in web development is expediting at an aggressive rate. 

If you’re a starting web developer or someone who works with one, we’ve compiled our Top 6 Common Problems during web development (and solutions to solve these issues, of course).

1. User Interface

User Interface is simply defined as the user’s interaction with your website. But one should not be complacent with its simplicity because starting web developers may encounter this issue more than once in their web developing career. There are 4 top golden rules to have a good UI design: It should be error-free, easy to use, easy to understand, and most importantly, effective to the end goal or product, which is the checkout cart. There’s a long list of problems in UI design but one common problem is non-responsive design. Inconsistency in style is also a problem as it can cause confusion to your users. And what users dread the most: long forms! A good UI design should make a user feel like everything is right in place and have buttons that work. 

What We Do At Think Sumo: 

Having a great design is super, but we make sure the designs are user-centered as we have your best interests at heart. We also advise you to which design direction is best for your brand and for your users.

2. Performance

Have you tried opening a website, and it took too long to respond? Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s how your potential customers feel when your website takes too long to load. Website speed is highly important because site speed is one of the signals used by the Google Algorithm to rank pages. When your business is online, every second counts. A few reasons why your website loads slowly could be a poorly written code, troublesome third party services, or unoptimized database. 

What We Do At Think Sumo: 

To overcome this situation, we have professional and knowledgeable developers who are using the best coding practices and are utilizing an optimized database. By doing so, it can guarantee you both high-level security and performance.

3. Security

When developing e-commerce websites, security should be the top of mind because users will be giving out their personal information and important card numbers. In a Web Security Seminar, Kristina Balaam, Application Security Engineer for Shopify, mentioned that security breaches not only happen in big corporations. A study conducted by IBM in 2017 showed that the average size of data being breached is increasing. Some of the security threats that the site could come across with are Cross-Site Scripting, Phishing, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Shell Injection, Session Hijacking, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, etc. The website should be carefully coded to be safe against these security concerns. Think Sumo’s Caboodle, an e-commerce platform, has successfully launched different e-commerce sites without encountering any of these security concerns. Your and your client’s personal information are safe!

4. Not Periodically Backed Up

Even if you have taken all the precautionary measures with regards to your website’s security, one should always plan for the worst. If a hacker can get into your site, your site could potentially be destroyed. That’s why it’s important to back up your site so that when the worst possible scenario happens, you will still be able to retrieve your site and work on the missing updates, rather than have a completely destroyed one.

5. Cross Browser Incompatibility

Regardless of the fact that most users have Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer installed on their computers, they are using only one of these browsers 90% of the time they spend on the internet. It is a reasonable and common practice that developers use one browser during development and start using different browsers when the application is near completion — assuming that you have all the time in the world to fix issues at this stage in web development. 

What we do at Think Sumo: 

  1. We use a different browser every couple of days to be able to recognize possible issues early on the web development phase, which saves us a lot of time rather than testing all browsers one at a time;
  2. As much as possible, we avoid using a browser specific code. We try our best to find the most elegant solution that is cross-browser compatible. 

5. Scalability

Scalability is another issue which a developer needs to keep in mind while developing. Website Scalability is defined as the ability of a system, network, or process to be able to cope with the increase in workload when additional resources are being added.

Which simply means that if one adds a system with poor scalability could no longer cope and soon, boosting of resources will no longer have any effect at all. Worst case scenario, the system could reach its saturation point, to a certain degree in which the system begins to malfunction due to workload intensity. 

What We Do At Think Sumo:

We implement different techniques and features such as caches, load balancers, queues, and proxies, which can help your website become more stable, scalable, and able to perform high loads without malfunctioning.

6. Broken Links

Broken links are the links in your website that do not work. These links could either lead your visitors to another site or simply shows them a 404 page indicating that the page could not be found. There are several issues that could take place when broken links are present in your site. Your visitors could be frustrated and will have a lack of trust in your brand. Broken links also send a trigger to Google that your website is not updated and this will hurt your search engine rankings. 

What We Do At Think Sumo:

We have a dedicated quality assurance personnel who is determined to report all bugs and issues to our developers before launching the website. We are determined to help your business or brand take off and broken links should never be one of the reasons why your brand goes the other way around! 

The bottom line is, the less issues you have in your website, the better the user experience will be. The best way to reach this is to hire a professional team of web developers who are well versed in basic websites up to creating e-commerce sites. If you’d like Sumofy your business today!