Planning to start your own business online? Don’t be in a rush just yet! Creating an eCommerce website is not a walk in the park as there are several things to consider to make sure it’ll be simple, fast, and understandable for your consumers to use. Here are five factors to consider before you invest on a website system development in the Philippines.

1. Mobile-friendly

It’s a known fact that people are spending more hours on their mobile phones more than ever. Almost everything can be done in a tap: call, text, email, and even, shop. Sure, having an app for your brand is ideal, but that’s a different story altogether. For now, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is non-negotiable if you want to target a wider reach of consumers. As much as

possible, all the features available on desktop should also be on the mobile version like search

filters, checkout, wishlist, etc. The last thing you want is hassle them by asking them to go on

their desktop just so they can browse through your content. A Philippine company that specializes in mobile application development should help you in this aspect.

2. Guest Checkout

Although there are brands that would prefer their customers to create an account on their website as this gives the former an established connection with the latter, not everyone wants to go through the trouble of signing up and filling out forms. Online shops should consider providing a guest checkout option for visitors who just want a simple and quick transaction: add to cart and pay. Forcing them to make an account before they can even checkout might only discourage them from continuing with their purchase because of the prolonged process.

3. Payment Options

Having only one payment option is like closing the door on other potential customers who might not have the suggested payment method. It’s highly recommended for an eCommerce website to offer a variety of payment options to cater to a larger market. These can include paying through PayPal, credit card, bank deposit or transfer, cash on delivery, among others.

4. Customer Support

One common problem that arises from shopping from online stores is the product being physically unavailable for customers to see, touch, inspect, or try on. They would have to depend on size or measurement charts and photos to estimate if say, the clothing item will suit them or the furniture will fit in the desired space in their room. An accessible customer representative is therefore vital to have should visitors have any clarifications or questions before making a purchase. It could be in a form of a chat box widget on the website itself, email or links to other available messaging platforms. We offer reliable web design services in the Philippines for an effective customer support solution in your site!

5. Product or Service Reviews

Many people are apprehensive to try shopping online out of fear of getting scammed, so featuring product or service reviews gives them assurance that what they’re purchasing or availing is authentic and reliable. It will also be helpful for consumers to see what other consumers have to say about the product or service offered that can assist them in deciding which ones they should proceed with buying. Look at Think Sumo’s past clients and see how we can help your eCommerce site a very trustworthy one!