There are a total of 1.3 million Android apps while there are about 1.2 million iOS apps available online. (Source: appmakr) When it comes to the mobile world, there are two giant names fighting for the heart and trust of the consumers. They are Google and Apple. Apple’s iOS applications are downloaded from the App store while Android apps are downloaded from Google Play Store. Although they have almost the same applications, iOs apps and Android apps have 3 differences.

1.   Coding



iOS Apps

IOS apps use Xcode for profiling, debugging and measuring. Designed and formulated from the ground level to take advantage of the new Apple technologies, Xcode integrates all the required tools for coding. This unified interface smoothly transits itself in its composition of source code, to the process of debugging and even for designing your next user interface. The main objective of Xcode is to understand each detail of your project, find out your mistakes in both syntax and logic, and even get your code fixed for you. (Source: websignitysolutions)

Coding - iOS Apps


Android Apps

Most android apps use Eclipse for coding. It has many display options, tools and shortcuts. When you open Eclipse, depending on which “perspective” is open, you will typically see the screen divided into a number of distinct sections. In addition to the code editing area, you should see various aspects of the project represented in particular “views.” (Source: smashingmagazine)

2.   Compatibility


(Source: cclc)

iOS Apps

Compatibility is one of the main issues for apple software. IOS applications can be exclusively used for the same Apple gadget only.

Compatibility - iOS

(Source: techadvisor)


Android Apps

Android apps are available for a wide range of mobile phones such as Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG and many more. Android apps can be shared to another android phone through Bluetooth.

3.   Features


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iOS Apps

Speed is one of the best features of IOS application. IOS apps run better, even with twice the RAM, because Android uses Java and need all the extra RAM for garbage collection. It is a process that triggers the recycling of memory once an Android app is done using it. (Source: cultofmac)

Features - iOS


Android Apps

One of the unique navigation features you can do for android apps is you can open and hover multiple applications at once. Android apps offers unlimited customization while IOS apps are limited unless it has already been jailbroken.

The bottom line

Both iOS apps and Android apps are designed to improve or make an impact on your life on a day to day basis. Whether you want to be more productive, organized or you just wan to have fun, both app platforms allow you to do all these things in your mobile device.