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We are a Philippine-based creative digital company that aims to deliver top-level technical and creative solutions that will satisfy the needs of a business and the consumers


Sumofy verb /so͞omō,fī/

  • To take an idea to SUMO-like proportions.
  • To view something in a greater aspect. To see the bigger picture.
Our Clients

We've been lucky enough to work with these wonderful clients

Meet the team
When not handling operations and meeting prospective clients, Rupert enjoys listening to his collection of Disney princess songs.
Rupert Cabrera
Psan is known to single-handedly complete multiple projects at the same rate he does his deadlifts.
Paolo Santos
As CTO, Karlo has mastered the art of navigating through countless Stack Overflow pages to find the proper code to ctrl+c, ctrl+v.
Karlo Banzuela
Name it and Manu can carry it out (literally too with those arms): eye-catching animations, impressive illustrations, a new sport, and everything he claims he is trying for the very first time.
Manu Reyes
Dona prefers to be situated in the corner of the room but she never takes the back seat when it comes to programming … and good food which everyone gets a piece of. Definitely a girl boss and a “work mom” rolled into one!
Dona Roxas
Establishing foundation

We immerse ourselves into your brand. We understand how your business works and how you want to present yourself. Do you want sense of humor? Is it intended for professional audiences? We will talk about your target audiences, visions and goals. Once we already have a clear and full understanding about your project, it be comes easier for us to identify specific designs and technical solutions for you.

Design and development

We plan, formulate strategies to increase efficiency, implement and divide the workload accordingly. ThinkSumo has an adaptive and responsive team. We welcome a healthy exchange of proposals and feedback. It is our duty to give you progress reports until we find the best design that would fit your brand.

Testing and troubleshooting

In this phase, you will be taught how to access and operate any admin tools to prepare you for full turn-over. You will learn how to access the CMS, upload images and blogs, edit content, and interact with leads. We will test the website in different devices, look for possible bugs and errors, and fix them accordingly. We will repeat the steps until the website works flawlessly.


Since your website is all set and ready, the next thing to do is to have your customers take a look at it.

Maintenance and updates

We will monitor the performance of the website. We will analyze its effect on the consumers. After that, we will determine which parts of your website require changes or adjustments for performance boost. In this phase, you are free to report any bugs that you will find and encounter.


Our core team's strength is digital approach. We cater to websites, mobile sites, web systems, Facebook apps, and mobile apps. All of these can help you communicate your key marketing messages. Our work involves constructing software and online solutions to help our clients accomplish their goals and communicate their ideas.

We offer website design, web development, web system applications, social media applications, iOS and Android applications at reasonable amounts. Think Sumo has your best interests in mind. With our commitment and professionalism, we can surely help you create an exceptional digital experience for you and your consumers.