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Who is Think Sumo?

what is a website?

A website is an online representation of you or your company. It is a portal in the internet where you can interact or communicate with other people.

what is a mobile application?

The use of smartphones is prevalent in this generation. In fact, Google found out that about 8-out-of-10 people do not leave home without their smartphones. A mobile application is a set of program designed to run on smartphones and mobile devices. It usually represents a website. A good example is the Facebook app.

A mobile application allows the user to easily access a certain website with conveniently positioned navigations. Some of the common applications are those that cater to social media, online payments, orders and catalog browsing, posting advertisements, instant messaging, etc.

Why is it important for SMEs and Corporations to have online presence?

Establishing a company’s online presence opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance, you have a store that runs for 24 hours. Your website can be your 24-hour virtual showroom. People can browse your products and services any time and any day. Some other possibilities include:

  • greater number of audience

  • easy transactions

  • free advertising (via social media)

  • brand building

How can you establish your online presence?

You can establish your online presence by designing and developing a website. Make sure that the website offers excellent user experience, is user-friendly, and is SEO-friendly.

contact us if you need help in web design and development.

    what are the benefits of having a "website"?

  • A website increases the company's reputation and credibility.
  • It provides customers a more convenient way to reach you.
  • It allows flawless shopping (for electronic retailing and merchandising).
  • A website is a form of marketing and lead conversion.
  • It showcases your services, merchandises and products conveniently.

What is Web Design?

Web design is focused on how a website looks and how the people on the other side of the screen can interact with it.

    Some of the elements of web design include:

  • Colors and Contrasts

  • User Interface

  • Icons

  • Fonts

All of these elements will complete a website layout. Once the layout is done, we can already proceed to web development.

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the back-end and coding part of the website. It is focused on how the website works; the functionalities, responsiveness, building of databases, etc.

    Here are some elements of web development:

  • Programming Language (Java, C Language, PHP, Javascript, SQL)

  • Forms

  • Animations and Transitions

  • Button Behaviors

  • CMS

These elements allow “interaction” to happen between the viewers and the website.

who is think sumo?

Think Sumo is a Philippine-based creative digital company that aims to deliver top-level technical and creative solutions that will satisfy the needs of businesses and consumers.

Our core team's strength is digital approach. We cater to websites, mobile sites, web systems, Facebook apps, and mobile apps. All of these can help you communicate your key marketing messages.

What are the services we offer?

Our work involves constructing software and online solutions to help our clients accomplish their goals and communicate their ideas.

We offer website design, web development, web system applications, social media applications, iOS and Android applications at reasonable amounts.

  • Web design

    You can choose from our huge collection of profile templates. You can tell us how you want your website to look like and we will start from there.

  • Web development

    Show us your existing layout and we will convert it to HTML. If you have a pre-existing website, we can improve it for you.

  • Frameworks

    A framework is a “standard” set of code to support the development of a website. Simply put, they can be considered as the building blocks of a website. Frameworks are customizable. They can be tweaked according to the preferences of a certain company or a group of developers. There are hundreds of available frameworks in the internet. Laravel, Codeigniter and Zend are the popular ones.

  • Custom Framework

    We create custom frameworks. Call us so that we can have a clear conversation.

  • SEO-Friendly Website

    The websites we build are SEO-friendly. We make sure that we follow the guidelines set by Google and various search engines.

    An SEO-friendly website has the opportunity to quickly improve search engine rankings. It allows more traffic, which can turn into leads. SEO-friendly sites are also mobile friendly (as required by Google).

What are additional options for websites


It is a design flow that creates a 3D effect as you scroll down the page.


A responsive website provides optimal viewing of the website across multiple devices. The website automatically adjusts its content based on the resolution of the device and the size of the “window”.

web hosting & domain management

The website is packaged with web hosting and domain management services. We can handle all domain-related concerns.


what is your process of website creation?

The process of our web design and development is straightforward.
  • First step: establishing foundation

    We immerse ourselves into your brand. We understand how your business works and how you want to present yourself. Do you want sense of humor? Is it intended for professional audiences?

    We will talk about your target audiences, visions and goals. Once we already have a clear and full understanding about your project, it be comes easier for us to identify specific designs and technical solutions for you.

  • Second step: design and development

    We plan, formulate strategies to increase efficiency, implement and divide the workload accordingly. ThinkSumo has an adaptive and responsive team. We welcome a healthy exchange of proposals and feedback. It is our duty to give you progress reports until we find the best design that would fit your brand.

  • third step: testing and troubleshooting

    In this phase, you will be taught how to access and operate any admin tools to prepare you for full turn-over. You will learn how to access the CMS, upload images and blogs, edit content, and interact with leads.

    We will test the website in different devices, look for possible bugs and errors, and fix them accordingly. We will repeat the steps until the website works flawlessly.

  • fourth step: launch

    Since your website is all set and ready, the next thing to do is to have your customers take a look at it.

  • fifth step: maintenance and updates

    We will monitor the performance of the website. We will analyze its effect on the consumers. After that, we will determine which parts of your website require changes or adjustments for performance boost.

    In this phase, you are free to report any bugs that you will find and encounter.

Think Sumo has your best interests in mind. With our commitment and professionalism, we can surely help you create an exceptional digital experience for you and your consumers.
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